About Us

The sprzedazhurtowaodziezy.pl platform is a place created for entrepreneurs from the clothing industry. It is here that the clothing manufacturer will find its potential customers, and the boutique owner will easily and quickly make wholesale purchases.

What makes us different?


Products offered on the sprzedazhurtowaodziezy.pl platform are selected in terms of material, sewing, construction and current trends of clothing offered by our domestic manufacturers. We take a careful approach to the selection of wholesale clothing companies in order to provide our customers – boutique owners with the best quality at an affordable price.


We make every effort to ensure that the quality of service is at the highest level. We prefer direct contact with the customer, during which we always provide assistance in the choice of purchase, as well as handling after-sales matters.


We want both manufacturers and boutique owners to find everything they need in their industry on our platform. That is why we offer additional services in addition to manufacturers’ products. Thanks to our platform, it is possible to establish cooperation with a model, a photographer, and even use the service of sewing clothes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a place where a boutique owner looking for goods for his shop will get something more than a finished product. The platform itself is only a tool to support our work for boutique owners, from product selection assistance to logistics.

We focus on customer relationships and responding to their needs, ideas and requirements. Continuous contact, from the moment of assistance in the selection of products, monitoring whether the goods reached the recipient, assistance in the possible complaint process, checking the level of satisfaction with the purchased products from the owners of the boutiques and obtaining guidance from them on the goods sought, are activities that help to make the customer is fully serviced and not left at either of these stages.

Additionally, we want to share our knowledge and experience with the platform’s customers and clothing manufacturers. The clothing industry is one of the fastest growing and dynamically changing industries, so we focus on continuous development and responding to the needs of our contractors.